Gaurav Agarwal IAS 2013 (AIR 1) Biography, Age, Marksheet, Education

Gaurav Agarwal IAS Biography

Renowned banker with roots in prestigious IITs and IIM gold medalist Gaurav Agarwal IAS has employed a unique combination of academic excellence and patriotic passion . Gaurav Agarwal IAS topper, has achieved AIR 1 by cracking India’s Toughest exams. Gaurav Agarwal’s life has been full of ups and downs in the journey to become an IAS. Every year, one lakh students take the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam. It doesn’t stop here, Gaurav also cleared JEE Advance and CAT which is also the toughest engineering and MBA exam in India.

Let us take a look at the journey of IAS Gaurav Agarwal:

Gaurav Agarwal IAS AIR-1 (UPSC 2013) Bio/ Wiki
NameGaurav Agarwal
Age40 (As in 2024)
Marital statusMarried to Dr. Priti Agarwal
Service Preference1st Choice- IAS
2nd Choice- IPS
3rd Choice- IRS
HometownBharatpur District, Rajastha
Rank UPSC CSEUPSC CSE 2012 (AIR 244)
UPSC CSE 2013 (AIR-1)
Cadre PreferenceRajasthan
Religion Hindu 
Education BackgroundB. Tech (Computer Science), from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur
PGDM, from Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow.
Examination Roll Number249085

Gaurav Agrawal IAS Age 

Gaurav Agarwal IAS was born in Rajasthan on August 15, 1984, Gaurav Agarwal is now 40 years old in 2024. His age reflects experience and intellectual journey, and he displays youthful stamina and raw knowledge in his endeavors as an IAS officer and what more than that revealed

Early Life & Education Qualification of IAS Gaurav Agrawal

Gaurav Aggarwal’s learning journey has been one of excellence and determination. Showing early academic aptitude, he completed his schooling in Jaipur.

  • Gaurav Agarwal cracked IIT JEE in 2001 at the age of 16 and secured the 45th all India rank.
  • In his early years, he graduated from the prestigious IIT Kanpur
  • Did masters degree from IIM Lucknow

Gaurav’s professional career began as a banker at Citigroup in Hong Kong, where he gained valuable experience before embarking on his public service journey. Despite a successful career in banking, Gaurav’s penchant for public service led him to quit a high-paying job to pursue his dream of becoming an IAS officer. His academic record, which includes exceptional scores on the GRE and mathematics, reflects his intellectual ability and dedication to continuing education.

B.Tech (Computer Science)Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)Kanpur
PGDMIndian Institute of Management (IIM)Lucknow

Achievements in Education

Gaurav Agrawal IAS Rank holder in Education Field
ExamsRank and ScorePosition and Institute
IIT JEERank- 45thIIT Kanpur
CAT99.9 PercentileIIM Lucknow
UPSC CSE 2012Rank- 244thIPS- Indian Police Services
UPSC CSE 2013Rank- 1stIAS- Indian Administrative Services

UPSC Journey of IAS Gaurav Agarwal

Gaurav Agarwal’s UPSC journey is an inspiring story of perseverance and achievement. In 2012, he started applying for the Civil Service exam, and secured an impressive All India Rank (AIR) of 244. Undeterred by this initial result, Gaurav redoubled his efforts and came back who had been unwaveringly determined in 2013. This time around, his hard work paid off grandly as he bagged the famous Air-1, as the best nationwide champion emerged. Gaurav’s journey has demonstrated the power of perseverance, strategic preparation and relentless pursuit of effort, making him a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs across the country

Attempts in UPSC 

Gaurav Agarwal has scored 2 attempts in the UPSC Civil Services exam. His first attempt in UPSC 2012 was an All India Rank (AIR) of 244, which reflects his dedication and earlier efforts. But it was his second attempt in 2013 that truly defined his journey, as he secured the prestigious AIR-1, paving the way for a successful career as an IAS officer

No. of AttemptYearRank Achieved ( AIR)
1st Attempt2012AIR 244
2nd Attempt2013AIR-1

UPSC Marksheet of Gaurav Agarwal

Exam/PaperMarks ObtainedTotal Marks
Essay Paper135250
GS General Studies 185250
GS General Studies 263250
GS General Studies 388250
GS General Studies 4102250
Economics 1134300
Economics 2162300
Total GS3381000
Total Economics Optional296600
Mains (Written) Total7691750
Interview (Dr. Kilemsungla board)206275

Optional Subject in UPSC exam

Gaurav Agarwal excelled in Economics with 296 marks in the optional subject of the Civil Service Examination. This method, which includes being able to optimize the assumptions of his preparation process, apply mathematical problems, revise assumptions, analyze previous papers, and stay aware of the financial system and the world at large events, contributed to his success.

Personal Life of IAS Gaurav Agarwal

Gaurav Agrawal’s belongs to Jaipur, he has a small family within his father SC Gupta, mother Suman Gupta, wife Dr. Priti Agarwal, and daughter. When he returned from teaching in Delhi to prepare for history optional, he was demonstrating his commitment to learning on his own and the supportive environment that shaped his learning journey. The entire family was first upset when Gaurav decided to quit Citigroup Job to prepare for UPSC CSE. On top of success mother Suman Gupta and 85 year old grandfather ,L N Gupta wanted Gaurav To serve the nation and the family has helped him.

Gaurav Agarwal Family Details
FatherS C Gupta
MotherSuman Gupta
WifeDr. Priti Agarwal
Daughter(Updating Soon)

Marital Status

Four days after interviewing for the UPSC IAS exam, Gaurav Agarwal got married to “Dr Priti Agarwal”. His family and wife supported him throughout his journey ,he said in the interview. They have a daughter.

Gaurav Agarwal Blog

Gaurav Agarwal also helps UPSC Civil Services aspirants in their preparation, Gaurav Agarwal took up blogging in 2013 as “Khelo India”. Through blogging, Gaurav has shared valuable resources like preparation tips, strategies, GS (General Studies) for UPSC mains and his blog attracts good traffic as a result.

Gaurav Agarwal has also written a book titled ‘Indian Economy’ especially for UPSC and State PCS aspirants to help the aspirants in their journey. Gaurav is a tech enthusiast who is also interested in finance. He is also a cricket fan. Gaurav Agarwal almost always shares his posts on LinkedIn related to tech, UPSC and other topics.

Current Posting of IAS Gaurav Agrawal

Gaurav Agarwal recently posted as a Collector in Jodhpur. He has shared his picture with a caption “ New Year, new beginnings joined as Collector Jodhpur”

Previously he worked as a “CEO District Council of Karauli, Rajasthan”. Gaurav Agarwal is a technology enthusiast and follows his interest in finance .Everyone in this world is eager to use Artificial intelligence AI ,to improve their productivity and efficiency, but Gaurav is exploring ways to use AI in public policy and he worked in various technical projects to improve the lives of the last miles, the poor and marginalized.

Less Known Facts about Gaurav Agarwal IAS

  • IAS Gaurav Agarwal once failed in the IIT Kanpur semester examination.
  • For 6 years, he worked abroad and won several awards for his acumen in the field of finance and leaving a promising career for an uncertain goal was not easy till his family supported him. “I took leave from my job and began preparing for IAS. After gaining confidence, I resigned and arrived in India in 2012 for real time preparation,” said Gaurav Agrawal.
  • Gaurav Agarwal IAS draws motivation and inspiration from his father Mr. SC Gupta who is a manager with Jaipur dairy. 
  • When everyone in his family was busy in his wedding preparation, Gaurav Agarwal was busy with his preparation with books and appeared for the personal interview just 4 days before his wedding.
  • Gaurav Agarwal IAS has also written a book called ‘Indian Economy’ especially for UPSC and state PCS aspirants.
  • His first attempt at the UPSC exam was in the year 2012 and in that attempt he secured 244 ranks and got selected as an IPS Officer and he was doing training at the Police Academy in Hyderabad but his intentions were very clear about being an IAS officer.
  • Gaurav Agarwal has a keen interest in Cricket.
  • Gaurav’s father S.C. Gupta who is a manager at Jaipur Dairy said that at first, his whole family did not fully agree with his decision of leaving a job of more than 1.25 crores to sit for the UPSC exam where the rate of clearing the exam successfully is very low but his father has supported him and motivated him from the beginning. 

UPSC Preparation Tips by Gaurav Agarwal 

Here are some of IAS Gaurav Agarwal’s preparation tips for IAS aspirants:

  • Understand the exam format: Familiarize yourself with the UPSC exam format including various stages of the exam, types of questions and marking system.
  • Course selection strategy: Choose elective courses wisely based on your interests, background and ability to score. Balance your preparation in general and elective courses.
  • Consistent curriculum: Develop a disciplined curriculum that includes time allotted for each topic, assessment and practice tests. Consistency is the key to being fully prepared.
  • Current Affairs Awareness: Stay abreast of current affairs, national and international events, government policies and socio-economic developments. This knowledge is important for prelims and mains.
  • Mock Tests and Previous Year Papers: Use mock tests and prepare previous year question papers regularly to understand the examination process, improve time management, assess your level of preparation.
  • Revision Management: Plan to review all topics periodically to reinforce your understanding and better retain information. Write a brief note for quick review.
  • Effective Use of Resources: Make judicious use of standard textbooks, NCERT core textbooks, reference books, online resources and training materials. Focus on quality of learning materials over quantity.
  • Answer Writing Practice: Develops your answer writing skills for the main exam. Use post writing in a structured, concise, and clear manner, focusing on analytical reasoning and effective communication.

Social Media Accounts of Gaurav Agarwal

Social Media Accounts of  Gaurav Agarwal

Wrap Up

Gaurav Agarwal’s journey from an investment banker to a successful IAS officer is an example of dedication, intelligence and dedication rooted in public service. His stellar academic achievements, including a gold medal from IIM, highlight his extraordinary abilities. Gaurav’s approach to the Civil Service Examination highlights the importance of thorough preparation, especially in choosing Economics as an optional subject. Her belief in her own learning and family support further underscores her success story. Gaurav Agarwal stands as a beacon of inspiration, proving that with determination and perseverance, society can be greatly impacted as an exemplary public servant.

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