Srishti Dabas: AIR-6 UPSC 2023- Explore her Biography, Age, Marksheet & Educational Qualification

Srishti Dabas Biography

Srishti Dabas, a young 25 year old girl from Rani Khera Village in North-west Delhi, who recently achieved All India Rank 6 in IAS exam, result announced on 16 April 2024. She is an alumni of Delhi University, and this year 4 out of top 10 rank holders in the Civil service exam are also from DU. Srishti Dabas biography is not just about academic success, but also an inspiration for Working person’s. She worked in RBI during her preparation and managed work & academic life side by side. She used to work during the daytime, studied at night & on weekends.

Srishti Dabas Bio/Wiki

Srishti Dabas UPSC Topper (AIR 3) Bio/wiki
Full NameSrishti Dabas
Date of Birth13-10-1998
Age25 years
EducationBachelor’s degree in Political Science
MA in Political Science from IGNOU
RankAIR-6 (UPSC Civil Services Examination)
Hometown/VillageRani Khera, North-West Delhi, India
CollegeIndraprastha College for Women, Delhi University
Number of Attempts1st Attempt
Father OccupationDelhi Police as Assistant Sub Inspector.
HobbiesPerforming Kathak, Reading Books

What is Srishti Dabas Age?

Currently, Srishti Dabas is just 25 years old. She was born on 13 October, 1998 in a Haryanvi Family. In an interview, she revealed that she wasn’t initially accepted by her family due to being a girl child when she was born. Srishti was brought up in the Rani Khera Village, located in North-West Delhi.

Srishti Dabas Educational Qualification

Srishti Dabas have a strong educational background. She has completed her schooling from the Ganga International School in New Delhi. After that she pursued her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the Indraprastha College for Women, Delhi University, where she did her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. After that she started her UPSC preparation, side by side doing M.A. in political Science from IGNOU. Her academic journey reflects her deep interest in government and public affairs.

Educational Qualifications of Srishti Dabas
SchoolingGanga International School
10th Percentage/ CGPA10 CGPA
12th Percentage/ CGPA96.33%
GraduationB.A in Political Science
Post GraduationM.A. in Political Science

UPSC Exam Preparation Journey

The decision to attempt the UPSC CSE came naturally to Srishti, driven by her desire to serve the public and make a significant impact on society. She was particularly inspired by the stories of various civil servants who had brought about positive changes in their respective domains.

Srishti Dabas is a bright and studious student and it was her first attempt in UPSC in 2023, she got AIR 6. Srishti chose Political Science as an optional subject after she wrote the exam in English and she started preparing for the UPSC Civil Services examination when she graduated, early her It shows dedication and hard work and her academic skills especially in economics motivated her to serve the society, especially the marginalized sections and those who they are the weakness. 

Her journey has been full of motivation to focus on top jobs like IAS,IPS, IFS, etc. She had expressed interest in Zone 1 and wanted to work in Rajasthan & Haryana cadres. Srishti IAS Topper UPSC journey is a shining example of how far hard work and vision can go.

Attempts in UPSC Exam

Srishti secured All India Rank 6 in her 1st attempt through self study preparation, while doing a job at RBI as a Grade B officer in the HR Department. According to her latest interview, Srishti started her preparation around June to August 2022. She remained consistently dedicated to her studies, which yielded fruitful results in her first attempt.

Srishti Dabas Marksheet

Srishti Dabas Marksheet shows that She scored total 1048 marks out of 2025 in Final Result of UPSC Civil services exam 2023. She got 862 marks out of 1750 marks in Mains Written and 186 marks in Interview out of 275. The marks are given below:

Srishti Dabas UPSC Marksheet
Written Total Marks862
Interview/ Personality Test Marks186
Final Marks Obtained1048

Srishti Dabas Preparation Strategy for UPSC Exam

Srishti’s preparation strategy was methodical and intensive. She understood that clearing the UPSC CSE required a deep understanding of a wide range of subjects, from Indian polity to international relations. To manage the vast syllabus, she divided her study schedule into manageable segments, dedicating specific hours to different subjects based on their complexity and her comfort with them.

She also placed a strong emphasis on revising regularly and solving as many previous years’ question papers as possible. This helped her get accustomed to the pattern of the questions and the strict timing of the exam.

Srishti Dabas Personal Life

Srishti Dabas, born on 13 October, 1998 in a village of North West Delhi and she  made a name for herself by getting the All India 6th rank in UPSC examination 2023. She is a native of Rani Khera, North West Delhi and her father was an Assistant Sub Inspector with the Delhi Police and her mother is a homemaker. Currently she lives in Mumbai, working in the Reserve Bank of India.

Srishti Dabas picture with her mother, who has been a best support in her UPSC Journey
Srishti Dabas picture with her Mother

In a recent interview, Srishti Dabas reveals about her preparation strategy, As a working professional how she had manage all these things-

  • She starts preparing for UPSC CSE from Sept-Oct 2022.
  • She worked during the day and studied at night and on weekends.
  • Srishti’s parents are now separated and she lives with her mother.
  • She also has a keen interest in Kathak Dancing.
  • She used to perform kathak when she felt down, and to rejuvenate herself, this was the best practice she would do.

Work Experience- Srishti Dabas RBI

At the time of UPSC Result, Srishti was working as an RBI grade B officer. She was posted at the RBI Mumbai branch. There she worked in the Human Resource (HR) Department, specially handling the performance appraisal of RBI employees. There her monthly income was around INR 2.50 lakh per month.

Before joining RBI, Srishti Dabas was also connected with the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment of government of India, where she was the state Coordinator. There she monitored the direct impact of grants on a very low level.

Srishti Dabas Future goals

With her new role as a civil servant, Srishti Dabas aims to focus on social justice and sustainable development. She is particularly interested in working towards better educational facilities in rural areas, inspired by her own upbringing. Srishti believes that education is the key to solving many societal issues and is eager to make a significant impact in this area. In a recent Interview, Srishti Dabas expressed her desire to work in Rajasthan, she said:

“I have always been intrigued by our nation’s cultural heritage and the opportunity to contribute to rural development. Rajasthan, with its rich cultural legacy and predominantly rural landscape, aligns perfectly with my interests”.

Facts related to Srishti Dabas

  • Srishti Dabas, who secured the 6th position in the UPSC 2023 exam results, drew attention for her outstanding achievement. After her achievement in UPSC, She has become popular among the youth, aspirants of UPSC.
  • Srishti from Delhi has emerged as one of the toppers in UPSC CSE 2023.
  • Her educational foundation is a strong platform for his accomplishments.
  • Srishti, being an economics scholar, has always wanted a job that is meant for helping society and working towards the most deprived and vulnerable sections.
  • Apart from academics, Srishti Dabas is an avid kathak dancer.
IAS Topper Srishti Dabas picture as a Kathak Dancer
IAS Topper Srishti Dabas picture as a Kathak Dancer
  • Growing up in a challenging household under the care of a single mother, she achieved success on her initial attempt.

Social Media Handles of Srishti Dabas

Srishti was not very active on social media, but she have a Instagram account that is private, various fake insta id’s are active with 12k, 6k followers but all these are fake, the real Instagram id of Srishti dabas is given below

Srishti Dabas wasn’t particularly active on social media, but she does have a private Instagram account. Several fake Instagram ID’s with 14k+ or 6k+ followers are circulating, but all of them are fake. The genuine Instagram ID of Srishti Dabas is provided below with user name: srishti.dabas.13

Official Instagram ID of Srishti Dabas Followers/ Private Account

Sum Up

In this blogpost we have, deeply covered the Srishti Dabas Biography, a UPSC Topper (AIR 6) from a small village to becoming a top-ranked UPSC candidate is a story of hard-work, perseverance and dedication. Her success is a ray of hope for many young Indians who aspire to enter the civil services and contribute positively to the country’s development. As she prepares to embark on her career as a civil servant, Srishti continues to inspire a new generation of UPSC aspirants who look up to her as a role model.

FAQ’S on Srishti Dabas

Who is Srishti Dabas?

Srishti Dabas is a young girl who did really well in the UPSC Civil Service Exam 2023, she got AIR 6th. She belongs to Rani Khera Village, which is in North-west Delhi.

What does Srishti Dabas do?

Before UPSC Result, Srishti Dabas works as a HR Manager in RBI Mumbai Branch. This was a Grade B officer post. But after the UPSC CSE 2023 result, she has joined the Indian Administrative Service, doing her training at LBSNAA, Mussorie and become an IAS Officer.

At what age did Srishti Dabas become IAS?

Srishti Dabas became an IAS officer at the age of 25 in 2024. She cleared the exam on her first attempt with a score of 51.75%.

What is Srishti Dabas Marital Status?

Currently, Srishti Dabas is unmarried. And also she has no affairs as per the reports.

What is Srishti Dabas’s age & Date of Birth?

Currently Srishti Dabas, is 25 years old. Here Date of birth is 13 October 1998, born in a Haryanvi family.

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