Dr. Tanu Jain Biography- Age, Wikipedia, Optional Subject, Journey & Personal Life

Dr. Tanu Jain is a remarkable person whose journey from a background in dentistry to becoming an outstanding civil servant is truly inspiring and her selection to UPSC Civil Services Examinations in 2014 was a pivotal moment in her life, as she served his country in various capacities including present role as Assistant Director, Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). 

In this article we will explore Dr.Tanu jain’s story which is an example of dedication, perseverance and pursuit of excellence.

Dr. Tanu Jain Wikipedia
NameDr. Tanu Jain
NicknameTanu Mam
ProfessionDentist, Civil Servant, Armchair Philosopher, Amateur Poet, Writer
Date of Birth17 July 1986
Age35 ( As of 2024)
HobbiesReading Books, Writing
HometownNew Delhi, India
Current CityNew Delhi, India

Dr Tanu Jain Age

As of 2024, she is 35 years old. Dr. Tanu Jain, born on July 17, 1986, is an inspiring figure whose journey from dentistry to civil service leadership and now brilliant teacher, motivating thousands of UPSC aspirants. Her commitment to public service and education through Tathastu ICS serves as a beacon of hope for aspiring civil servants, showcasing the power of determination and passion in achieving one’s goals.

Education Qualifications

Dr. Tanu Jain pursued her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree at Subharti Medical College, Meerut. However, during her instructional journey, she underwent extensive awareness and she completed her primary education up to class 12 at Cambridge School in Delhi before going to university.

She concluded that entirely training as a doctor may limit her ability to impact widespread change in society as compared to the broader impact she anticipated as an IAS officer and after her recognition ignited her ambition to pursue the civil services exam, marking the start of her adventure toward serving society in a broader ability.

Education Qualifications
SchoolCambridge Public School, Srinivaspuri
Educational QualificationBDS ( Bachelor of Dental Surgery) 
CollegeSubharti Dental College, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

Journey of UPSC

Dr. Tanu Jain started her UPSC Civil Services exam journey with unwavering dedication and rigorous studying of more than 7 to 8 hours a day in 2014 and her perseverance paid off when she cleared the exam with an effort of third place and secured a place in the Armed Forces Headquarters Service in 2015 and her determination propelled her forward, enabling her to serve the nation zealously for many years .

Subsequently, Dr. Tanu Jain has reversed her role as a member of the UPSC interviewers of the Institute of Drishti IAS. Here she conducted mock interviews with prospective civil servants and shared his insights and expertise to help them better prepare and in this program, Drs. Tanu jain’s proficiency earned him much recognition and appreciation in the community of all the UPSC aspirants.

Optional Subject for UPSC

Initially, Dr. Tanu Jain took up Sanskrit in her first attempt of UPSC CSE and later, after scrutinizing her previous year papers, decided to go for philosophy. Despite not enrolling in any coaching courses or preparing his elective subject exam series.

Dr. Tanu jain stuck to the way she studied and firmly believed that preparing and solving the previous year papers properly was enough to get commendable marks in her chosen subject that is philosophy.

Attempts in UPSC

In her first attempt, Tanu Jain showed incredible determination by qualifying the UPSC prelims exam after preparing for just 2 months and despite her efforts she faced challenges to qualify for the UPSC mains. 

Finally, in her third attempt in 2014, Tanu Jain’s hard work and perseverance paid off as she secured an impressive All India Rank- 648th position, making it a milestone in her journey became one of the civil servants and her energy are an inspiration to those who wish to face the same obstacles on their way to success.

Family Background and her Personal Life

Dr. Tanu Jain comes from a humble background and grew up in a middle-class family in Delhi and her father Mr. Akash Jain and mother Mrs. Arpita Jain instilled values ​​of hard work and perseverance in her from an early age. Her father’s advice to pursue a degree in neurosurgery and advice from a distant relative, a civil servant, piqued her interest in a career in the civil services.

Dr. Tanu Jain graduated in Dental Surgery from Subharti Medical College, Meerut and she found happiness and satisfaction in her personal life. She is happily married to Mr. Vatsalya Pandit is blessed with a child and with the support and encouragement of her family has been an important part of her journey to fulfill her dream of serving the greater community.

Family Members of Dr. Tanu Jain
Father NameMr. Akash Jain
Mother NameMrs. Arpita Jain
Husband NameMr. Vatsalya Pandit
ChildrensUpdating Soon

Dr. Tanu Jain’s Husband

Mr. Vatslya Pandit is a husband of Dr. Tanu Jain and he shares his passion for public service as an IAS officer. Their marriage reflects a union of shared values ​​and commitment to public service and their both tenacity remains a pillar of strength, supporting and encouraging him in all his endeavors. 

Dr. Tanu jain with her husband Mr. Vatslya Pandit
Dr. Tanu jain with her husband Mr. Vatslya Pandit

They both navigate life’s challenges together and support each other’s aspiration and their personal relationships are strengthened by mutual respect, and a shared commitment to making a positive impact on the community. In their personal and professional lives, they exemplify the power of unity and solidarity.

Reason behind she left IAS

Dr. Tanu Jain made the bold decision to quit her job as an IAS officer to pursue her passion for teaching full-time and she has worked in the public sector for seven-and-a-half years, she recognized the challenges of UPSC preparation and took the opportunity to make a difference and having personally witnessed the struggles of preparing for the UPSC and her husband joining the civil service.

She felt compelled to take a risk and help in the journey of the candidates and from IAS demonstrates his determination to overcome the challenges faced by the aspirants and his commitment to shaping the future of UPSC candidates through teaching.

Founder of Tathastu ICS 

Dr. Tanu jain’s transition from a career in the Indian Service Service (IAS) to a full-time lecturer is that the founder of the Institute of Public Administration reflects his deep-rooted passion for education and teaching after realising her desire to make a meaningful impact by providing advice and counselling to aspiring civil servants. 

She took a bold step to open his own IAS training centre ‘Tathastu’ in Delhi ICS, the first institute to offer a complete coaching package for UPSC exam preparation, both online and offline and her commitment to quality education and her dedication to train future civil servants therefore cements the reputation of ICS as one of the top IAS training institutes in Delhi.

Dr. Tanu Jain Net Worth

In 2024, according to recent reports, it is estimated her net worth is around INR 20 lakh to INR 70 lakh. This account shows his financial assets and investments, excluding other sources of income and their success and progress in various efforts. 

Facts Related to Dr. Tanu Jain Mam

  • Dr. Tanu Jain besides being a dentist and civil servant, she is also an armchair philosopher and amateur poet, showcasing her interests and talents beyond her professional activities.
  • Drs. Tanu jain chose to pursue her passion for teaching and founded the Institute of Public Service instead of being working as a Civil Service Officer, showing his determination to train future civil servants.
  • She has cleared the UPSC Civil Services exam in her third attempt, proving his resilience and determination in the face of challenges.
  • Dr. Tanu Jain’s decision to change her elective from Sanskrit to Philosophy shows her approach to exam preparation and her willingness to change to increase her chances of success in UPSC exam after 2 times failure.
  • She believes in the power of self-study and handling previous year papers, and skips her elective course training courses with an independent and disciplined approach to learning.
  •  Mr. Vatsal Pandit is the husband of Dr. Tanu Jain who is also an IAS officer, reflects a collective devotion to public service in his family.

Social Media Account of Dr. Tanu Jain

Social Media Accounts 
LinkedInhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/dr-tanu-jain-4aa28a13130k Followers
Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/dr.tanujain/?hl=en801k Followers and 119 Following
Twitterhttps://twitter.com/drtanujain1?lang=en185.1K Followers and 322 Following
Youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3xNlZYxWt6fys0G6uubprQ1.1+Lakhs Followers


Dr. Tanu Jain’s journey from dentist to public servant, teacher and mentor is an example of resilience, determination and dedication to service and her decision to quit the IAS and set up the Civil Service Institute as such shows his commitment to guiding and encouraging future UPSC aspirants with the personal experience of her foundation, she is making a significant impact on the lives of many, empowering them to pursue their dreams with confidence and perseverance. 

Tanu Jain’s story is a beacon of hope and inspiration which is reminding us that with passion and perseverance, any goal is achievable.

FAQs Related to Dr. Tanu Jain

What inspired Dr. Tanu Jain to leave her civil services job and become a full-time teacher?

She was motivated by her desire to address the challenges faced by UPSC aspirants with make a meaningful impact through teaching.

How did Tanu Jain manage to crack the Civil Services exam without coaching classes?

Dr. Tanu Jain relied on self-study and solving previous year papers and she believed it was sufficient for securing good marks in her optional subject.

What Dr. Tanu Jain’s husband Occupation ?

Dr. Tanu Jain’s husband, Mr. Vatsalya Pandit, is also an IAS officer, and they both share a commitment to public service.

How did Dr. Tanu Jain’s husband supports her career transition?

Mr. Vatsalya Pandit stood as Dr. Tanu Jain’s pillar of strength and it offers support and encouragement throughout her decision to become a full-time teacher.

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