Arpit Kumar UPSC Topper Biography ( Rank-136), Age, Marksheet, Optional Subject and Personal Life

Arpit Kumar UPSC Biography

Arpit Kumar is a UPSC topper who has secured all India rank 136 in UPSC 2023 and has become a great example of dedication and hard work and hails from Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh. His UPSC journey to success was characterized by his passion for public service and academic excellence and he studied Political Science at Rajdhani College, Delhi University and won first prize in an essay competition and other achievements.

In this article, we will explore the method of preparation for the UPSC topper Arpit Kumar and a strong foundation in Hindi literature. He emerged victorious in his second attempt and by proving that determination and focused effort can lead to good results in the toughest exam in the country.

Arpit Kumar IAS Biography Rank- 136 UPSC 2023
NameArpit Kumar
ExamUPSC Topper
Year of Exam2023
Optional SubjectHindi Literature
Medium of ExamHindi
Attempt of ExamSecond
Interview AttemptFirst
HometownChitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh
CollegeDelhi University (Rajdhani College)
GraduationPolitical Science (2021 batch)
AchievementsFirst prize in Essay Competition at University of Delhi
HobbiesCricket (Captain of Cricket team)

Educational Background of Arpit Kumar UPSC Topper

Arpit Kumar UPSC topper has secured Rank- 136 in UPSC 2023, chose Hindi Literature as his subject of choice and he is a native of Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh and has completed his schooling in Chitrakoot only and he was actively involved in Youth Parliament. Arpit studied political science at Rajdhani College, University of Delhi, and won first prize in an essay competition and after his graduation in 2021, he joined the UPSC preparation, which ended up clearing the exam with 136 rank in UPSC 2023.

UPSC Journey of Arpit Kumar UPSC

Arpit Kumar UPSC journey reflects dedication, perseverance and strategic planning and hails from Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh, where he was actively involved in the Youth Congress during his schooling, his academic journey quickly took a keen interest in the delivery of public service and took him to Rajdhani College, University of Delhi , where he studied Political science and after graduating in 2021.

He has started his UPSC preparation journey with a clear goal in mind and he chose Hindi Literature as his elective subject, which reflects his mastery of the language, his high scoring strategy and he was facing the challenges of highly competitive examination given by perspective built on and disciplined, using his academic skills and knowledge to navigate the UPSC syllabus successfully.

When he appeared for the UPSC exam in 2023, the second attempt proved to be a turning point. With meticulous preparation and in-depth understanding of the examination process, he secured an impressive Rank- 136 and his success can be attributed to his consistent effort, his choice of elective courses, and a well-rounded approach that balanced intellectual understanding with practical application.

During his UPSC journey, he exemplified the qualities of a successful candidate with flexibility, and strong commitment to national service and his story is an inspiration for aspiring civil servants, and proves that it is indeed possible to succeed in the UPSC exam with dedication and perseverance.

Optional Subject for UPSC

Arpit Kumar strategically chose Hindi Literature as his subject of choice for UPSC and this decision was based on his deep understanding of the subject and his ability to score and his strategy for Hindi included a thorough study of literary text and fluency in Hindi literature and he  focused on building a strong intellectual foundation by effectively demonstrating wit his knowledge and analytical skills in the examination and by making extensive use of answer writing.

Attempts in UPSC

Arpit Kumar, UPSC topper made his second attempt at UPSC in 2023, scoring an impressive 136 Rank and his journey reflects his growth resilience and approach based on past experience and his ability to learn from setbacks and excel in subsequent attempts, his determination and flexibility with the key attributes of his success in the highly competitive UPSC examination.

Personal Life of Arpit Kumar UPSC 2023 Topper

Arpit Kumar has a balanced personal life beyond his academic and professional achievements. He was raised in Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh instilled in him values ​​of humility and community involvement. Arpit’s early school days and his primary education were marked by active participation in other activities with reflecting his interest in public service and outside of academics and he was captain of the school’s cricket team, drawing on his passion for sports and leadership skills and with this  blend of academics, community engagement and sports reflects and he was a well-rounded personality, and underscores his ability to succeed in a variety of fields while maintaining a low-key and holistic approach to life,

Arpit Kumar UPSC Marksheet 2023

Arpit Kumar has scored an impressive score in the UPSC 2023 exam and by securing 814 marks in the written test in UPSC and 171 marks in the interview of UPSC, for a total of 985 marks and with all india rank- 136 in UPSC 2023, and reflected his dedication and attitude towards public service .

Arpit Kumar Marks Score in  UPSC 2023
Written Exam814
Final Marks985

Arpit Kumar UPSC Preparation Strategy

Arpit Kumar’s UPSC strategy is designed to maximize his chances of success and he started with a thorough understanding of the UPSC syllabus and examination system, focusing on the strengths and addressing the weaknesses through diligent research and he chose Indian literature, a subject in which he was good at, which gave marks and his syllabus was rigorous, and he spent a certain amount of time covering each subject thoroughly. Regular reviews and mock tests helped him monitor his progress and identify areas for improvement, and he incorporated current analytics into his preparation, worked with notes and honed his interview skills.

Arpit Kumar has taken guidance from mentors and predecessors and benefited from their insights and strategies and he maintained a positive attitude and continued to motivate her discipline throughout her preparation. This comprehensive program, which blended thorough academic skills, strategic planning, and guidance, contributed immensely to Arpit’s overwhelming success in securing the top rank 136 in the UPSC 2023.

Wrap Up

Arpit Kumar UPSC Topper biography includes a journey of perseverance, resilience and planning which is from Chitrakoot roots and excelling in academics and sport, a well-rounded personality comes from hard work and dedication.. His UPSC success story reflects careful preparation, strategic choice of subjects and positive attitude. Arpit’s ability to learn from setbacks, seek guidance, and maintain a balanced outlook highlights his leadership qualities and his achievements are inspirational, showing that with dedication, perseverance and clear determination, one can overcome challenges and achieve remarkable success in public service by instilling a sense of service and effort.

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