Manoj Kumar Sharma IPS Biography, Wife, Current Posting & Family

IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma Biography

Manoj Kumar Sharma is a prominent Indian Police Service (IPS) officer known for his remarkable journey from humble beginnings to becoming a respected member of the IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma, who has contributed extensively in the IPS since 2005, has won accolades for skillfully handling protests and curbing Naxal activities. 

His journey is an inspiration to many UPSC aspirants, and shows the strength and determination required to succeed in the tough civil service exams.

Manoj Kumar Sharma IPS – Biography Overview
NameManoj Kumar Sharma
ProfessionIPS Officer
EducationGraduated (B.A)
FatherRamveer Sharma
WifeShraddha Joshi Sharma ( IRS Officer )
Current PostingInspector General (IG) in Maharashtra Police
Weight69 KG
Date of BirthJul 03, 1975
Age49 Years
Birth PlaceMadhya Pradesh, India

Early Life and Education of IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma

IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma did not like studying but finally decided to crack the UPSC exam and Manoj Kumar Sharma had secured third division in 9th and 10th and failed in 12th standard. 

He was so motivated that he cracked the UPSC, so he passed level 12 for the second time and because of his poor financial condition, he worked as a tempo driver and a librarian to help with his UPSC preparation and for graduation  he has completed from Maharani Laxmi Bai to Government College of Excellence in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, where he also managed to clear Class XI and he cracked the UPSC in his fourth attempt and secured the All India rank of 121.

Failed in 12th Class- IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma

Manoj Kumar Sharma’s struggle started his journey with a major setback in his Class 12 exams. After cheating in exams, he faced the harsh reality of failure when DSP Dushyant Singh intervened and exposed the dishonesty and with the pivotal moment turned out to be a turning point in Manoj’s life, as DSP Dushyant advised him to avoid such unfair behaviour.

This incident was a turning point in his life and embarked on a journey to find himself and save his life. Determined to correct his mistakes and practice honesty and integrity, he applied himself to the embarrassment of failure, Manoj promised to study diligently, eventually securing All India Rank- 121st in his UPSC exams and achieving impressive success with this he not only shaped Manoj’s character but also instilled in him responsibility and determination. 

Struggle and Challenges of IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma

Manoj Kumar Sharma’s journey to become an IPS officer was full of challenges and challenges and he has faced a period of doubt and disappointment when he failed his first attempt at the Civil Service Examination with lots of obstacles he remained determined to achieve his dream.

Facing financial difficulties and social pressures, she sought guidance and support from such counsellors as DSP Dushyant Singh and Gauri Bhaiya, who encouraged her to focus on his education and continue to work hard Manoj qualified the UPSC  exam in his fourth attempt and secured 121st rank in all India with the efforts he showed resilience, an unwavering mind and a strong work ethic.

12th Fail Movie 

12th Fail Movie is based on Anurag Pathak’s novel where Vikrant Massey as Manoj, a young boy from Chambal who wants to join the police force (DSP). Medha Shankar will be seen playing his IRS chief wife Shraddha Joshi. The film hit theatres in October 2023 and was critically acclaimed in a box office struggle with Animal and other big-ticket films and after releasing on Disney + Hotstar, it has also been a huge hit on OTT.

As per Anurag Pathak’s best-selling book, the film stars Vikrant Massey in the title role along with Medha Shankar, Anant V Joshi, Anshuman Pushkar and Priyanshu Chatterjee. 12th Fail hit theatres on October 27, 2023, received positive reviews and was a sleeper hit, grossing over ₹66 crore (US$8.3 million) worldwide on a budget of ₹20 crore (US$2.5 million) by Vikrant Massey on the movie Played stars the role of IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma who overcame poverty to become an IPS officer. In a chat with ABP Ideas of India Summit, Manoj Kumar Sharma revealed that he has not received any compensation for the film

Manoj Kumar Sharma shared in Hindi: “If you ask me personally, I haven’t got anything. This is because I don’t take money from anyone, I go in expecting any financial gain from anyone. I am completely honest.”  It’s about these things that I was like when I was elected.”

Vinod Chopra’s biographical drama film 12th Fail stars Dr. Vikas Divyakirti played himself and he also contributed to the script for this film which is a historic event.

Personal Life of IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma

Born in 1970 in Bilgram, Madhya Pradesh, Manoj Kumar Sharma belongs to a farming family. His father Shri Ramveer Sharma instilled in him the values ​​of hard work and resilience. Manoj’s mother has been a pillar of support and has nurtured his dreams every step of the way. Despite humble beginnings in a small village, Manoj’s dedication landed him a distinguished career in the IPS. 

Currently serving as the Additional Commissioner of Mumbai Police, his journey reflects the importance of family support and perseverance in achieving his goals amidst life’s challenges.

IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma Wife 

Shraddha Joshi Sharma is an Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer, whose life story is a story of devotion and love. Born Shraddha Joshi Sharma in Almora, Shraddha Joshi Sharma won in 2005 and was appointed as Deputy Collector of Nainital after passing PCS exam before Manoj Kumar Sharma became IPS .He has secured AIR 121 and passed 2007 Civil Services exam by UPSC and He is… a 2007 member of the Indian Revenue Service (IRS).

Shraddha Joshi had mentored Manoj during the UPSC preparation days. They fell in love and got married. Shraddha Joshi has handled many tasks in implementing the tax system. Her experience spans multiple departments including Customs, Central Excise and Service Tax and she has also participated in the tax audit of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Department. Uttar Pradesh, on March 5, 1979. Ms. Joshi is the head of the Indian Revenue Services (IRS). He became deputy collector in Nainital after clearing in 2005. He later joined IRS after securing all India rank of 121 in UPSC.

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The life story of Manoj Kumar Sharma illustrates the transformative power of determination, resilience and family support. Rising from a humble background in Bilgram, Madhya Pradesh, he faced the challenges with unwavering determination. His journey, chronicled in the film “12th Fail,” inspired countless aspiring entrepreneurs through his image of grit and achievement. As an IPS officer, Sharma’s contribution to law enforcement, especially in controlling protests and curbing Naxal activities underscores his commitment to public service and his story is a beacon of hope, and it shows that with patience and a strong support system, adversity can be overcome and incredible success can be achieved.

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