Junaid Ahmad IAS Biography, Age, Wife, Marksheet, Posting

Junaid Ahmad IAS Biography

Meet Junaid Ahmad an IAS Officer, who got AIR- 3 in UPSC Civil service exam 2018 and It took him almost 5-6 years of hard work to become an IAS Officer. Junaid Ahmad IAS was a student of Aligarh Muslim University. Junaid Ahmad’s UPSC story is one of hard work, dedication and perseverance. He had faced many challenges in his career, including finishing on his fourth attempt. 

In this article, we will explore Junaid Ahmad’s success that didn’t stop him from achieving his dreams and his story is a ray of hope for all the aspirants who want to achieve their dreams.

Junaid Ahmad IAS Bio/Wiki
NameJunaid Ahmad
DesignationIAS Officer, Inspirational Speaker, Civil Servant
Age33 Years Old
Date of Birth30, January, 1991
Place of BirthNagina, Bijnor, U.P, India
Roll Number in UPSC CSE0863569
Optional SubjectGeography
Rank in UPSC 3 (Three)
GraduationB.Tech in Electronic Engineering
CollegeSharda University, Noida
Marital StatusMarried
Junaid Ahmad IAS WifeDr. Nadia Nazim
ParentsFather – Javed Hussain (Lawyer)
Mother – Aisha Raza (Homemaker)
Siblings2 Brothers, 1 Sister

Junaid Ahmad IAS Age 

Junaid Ahmaid IAS was born on 30, January, 1991 in Nagina, Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. Currently, he is 33 years old. He was a young genius who achieved impressive feats at an early age. At the age of 28, in 2018, he has made a huge contribution in different areas of his life and has established himself as a source of inspiration for many.

Early Life & Education Qualification of IAS Junaid Ahmad

Junaid Ahmad’s IAS journey of academics reflects his determination to overcome challenges and realize his dreams. As an intermediate student, he completed his primary education at Aligarh Muslim University and then completed his Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Sharda University. Although Junaid did not score more than 60% marks during his academic career, his UPSC preparation journey started in 2013.

Jamia Residential Coaching Academy’s free UPSC coaching program, Junaid dedicated himself to rigorous preparation and in starting he’s moving to Mumbai and later to Delhi, he immersed himself in extensive training and hard work to excel in the exams. For seven years, he showed unwavering dedication to achieve his ambition of becoming an IAS officer and his story of UPSC is an inspiration and shows that consistent effort and determination can lead even an average student to success in the UPSC exam.

IAS Junaid Ahmad  Education Qualification
DegreeUniversity/ SchoolLocation
SchoolAligarh Muslim UniversityAligarh, India
GraduationB.Tech in Electronic EngineeringSharda University, Noida

Junaid Ahmad IAS 10th Marksheet

Junaid Ahmad IAS 10th Marksheet
Junaid Ahmad IAS 10th Marksheet

Junaid Ahmad IAS 12th Marksheet

junaid ahmad ias 12th marksheet
Junaid Ahmad IAS 12th Marksheet
Junaid Ahmad 10th and 12th Marks and Percentage
StandardTotal MarksObtained MarksPercentage %
High School – 10th Percentage400166 41.50
Intermediate School- 12th Percentage40024060

IAS Junaid Ahmad UPSC Journey

Junaid Ahmed’s journey of UPSC to become an officer was full of tenacity and determination. In 2014, Junaid refused to give up on her dream despite failing in her three attempts at the UPSC. Junaid’s tireless efforts paid off as he finally cleared the UPSC in the fourth attempt. Though he secured the  All India Rank 352nd in the UPSC 2017, which gave him a place in the Indian Revenue Service, his desire to become an IAS officer made him decide to retake the exam.

In the fifth attempt, Junaid reversed the UPSC exam 2023, focusing more on explaining the basics and optimizing study time. Junaid balanced her preparation with her work as an IRS agent and spent 4 hours studying for the UPSC every day and his hard work and intelligence shone through as she stood third in the 2018 UPSC.

After Junaid cracked UPSC, he went for training and was eventually  in 2019 in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh and his UPSC journey is a testimony to the power of perseverance and the importance of committing to your goals despite obstacles.

Attempts in UPSC 

Junaid Ahmed’s courage to achieve parity in UPSC CSE reflects resilience and determination and when he maintained an AIR of 352 in the fourth attempt , he confirmed that it was stable even at the beginning and his determination was changed to permit down through the first result, so he attempted the exam several times, after which he jumped up again in 5th attempt of UPSC Civil Services Exam with a AIR 3 in UPSC 2018. 

Junaid Ahmad UPSC Attempts Detail
AttemptYearResultPost/ Designation
1st2014Failed (UPSC Prelims and Mains)N/A
2nd2015Failed (UPSC Prelims and Mains)N/A
3rd2016Failed (UPSC Prelims and Mains)N/A
4th2017AIR 352ndIRS – Indian Revenue Services
5th2018AIR 3rdIAS- Indian Administrative Services

Junaid Ahmad IAS Marksheet UPSC CSE 2018

In 2018, Junaid Ahmad IAS has scored a total 1077 marks and secured a AIR-3rd in UPSC Civil Services Examination in his 5th attempt. The Following is the Marksheet of Junaid Ahmad IAS.

Junaid Ahmad IAS Marksheet
Junaid Ahmad IAS Marksheet
Junaid Ahmad UPSC Marksheet 2018
Essay (Paper – I)132
General Studies – I (Paper – II)108
General Studies – II (Paper – III)110
General Studies – III (Paper – IV)111
General Studies – IV (Paper – V)111
Optional – I (Geography) (Paper – VI)148
Optional – II (Geography) (Paper – VII)173
Written Total893
Personality/ Interview184
Final Total Marks1077

Junaid Ahmad Optional Subject for UPSC CSE

Junaid Ahmad has opted Geography as an optional subject in the UPSC exam 2018. In optional he 321 out of 600 marks. He has chosen geography which was strategic because it interacts with and elaborates on general studies. By choosing Geography, Junaid wants to exercise his interdisciplinary nature and strengthen his understanding of the subjects covered in the exam. 

Preparation Strategy for UPSC Exam

Junaid Ahmad IAS Preparation for UPSC Civil Services exam includes various hard work, dedication, consistent practice and strategic plan. 

The following is detailed preparation routine inspired by Junaid Ahmad’s Preparation Strategy :

  • Dedication and courage: Understand that success in UPSC exam irrespective of your studies and the courage and unwavering commitment to achieving your goals.
  • Study hours: Commit 8-10 hours of continuous study each day and plan rigorously for years to build a solid foundation and excel in the exam.
  • NCERT Books: Start by studying NCERT books thoroughly as they provide important concepts and serve as a basis for UPSC preparation and manage to make detailed notes and make sure you fully understand each topic.
  • Long-term preparation: Understand that UPSC preparation is a long-term commitment and then after clearing the prelims in the first attempt and prepare hard for at least two years to prepare yourself well for the main section and the interview.
  • Detailed revisions: Make short notes while preparing and make sure to revise regularly and the failure of effective accountability is one of the shortcomings and reviewing your notes regularly will help reinforce ideas and retain important information about UPSC.
  • Study Options: Choose your courses wisely and the topics that include advanced learning, topics that align with your interests  and he chose geography because of its interdisciplinary nature and breadth.

Coaching for UPSC Preparation

During his UPSC preparation, IAS Junaid Ahmad took a mix- coaching and self-study approach and he chose not to enroll in the basic training program as he understood the value of the initial training and attended training sessions at Jamia Residential Training Academy, Delhi and Haj House IAS Cell, Mumbai. With experiences made him go on his preparatory journey It gained the necessary impetus and he focused on improving his skills through exams from reputed coaching institutes like Vajiram and Vision IAS

Significant adjustments were made with respect to their subject choices, geography, and overall writing style and he understood the importance of correct answers and took 10 practice tests regularly every year and he used online resources, including instructions from NeoStencil.

Personal Life of Junaid Ahmad IAS

Junaid Ahmad IAS was born on October 30, 1991 in Nagina, Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh and he is a remarkable personality who not only achieved a successful career but achieved remarkable success as a motivational speaker. He was born in a family with deep roots in values ​​and education. Junaid’s Father is Javed Hussain, who is a respected lawyer known for his integrity and dedication to justice. Her mother, Aisha Raza, is a dedicated housewife who creates a nurturing environment around the family’s growth.

Junaid Ahmad IAS with his Parents
IAS Junaid Ahmad with his Parents

Junaid was not alone in his journey of IAS and he has an older sister who has been a source of inspiration and support throughout her life and Junaid  has two younger brothers, who definitely look up to him as role models. Throughout his professional and personal life, Junaid Ahmad exemplifies the values ​​of integrity, dedication and unwavering support of his family behind his success.

Junaid Ahmad’s Marriage

Junaid Ahmad’s marriage to Nadia Nazim was a milestone in his personal life and their marriage took place on Thursday, February 15, 2024, brings together two people from different business backgrounds, creating a perfect blend of talent and ambition which make a best couple in the history.

Junaid Ahmad IAS Wife

Nadia Nazim, a paediatrician with a MBBS and MD degree and comes up with knowledge and compassion in your relationships. Junaid’s commitment to healing and caring for others is more in line with Junaid’s own sense of duty and sense of service as an IAS officer.

The arranged marriage of IAS Junaid Ahmed and Dr. Nadia Nazim adds an interesting twist to their story and their arranged marriage is based on tradition and family ideals, it also often builds a solid foundation of respect, understanding and support.

Net Worth of Junaid Ahmad

Junaid Ahmed’s estimated net worth is 25 lAKH -30 LAKH and the monthly income of IAS officers is INR  60,000-90,000. Junaid’s financial structure may include savings, investments and assets accumulated during his time. But without the latest update, it’s hard to give exact numbers and his commitment to public service and potential investment may have further strengthened his financial position.

Social Media Accounts of Junaid Ahmad 

PlatformsLinksFollowers/ Subscribers
Junaid Ahmad Twitter ( Fan Page)@ias-junaid54.4k Followers 
Junaid Ahmad Instagram@junaidahmad_91349k Followers ( Public Account)
Dr. Nadia Nazim Instagram@nadianazim27/868 Followers ( Private Account)

Junaid Ahmad IAS Current Posting

Junaid Ahmed joined office as Associate judge of Ballia on June 25, 2021, he showed promptness and dedication to public service and then he was appointed as Development Officer at Vikas Bhawan in Jhansi on 23 March 2022 his role is a testament to his leadership and leadership skills. He is holding this position currently spearheading development programs and promoting socio-economic development in Jhansi district.

Junaid Ahmad Transfer and Current Posting Details
Post HeadDist. NameJoin DateEnd Date
Joint Magistrate ( Judge)BalliaJune 25  2021August 23 2022
Chief Development OfficerVikas Bhawan- JhansiAugust 23 2022Currently

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Junaid Ahmad UPSC Topper‘s journey from easy start to becoming a distinguished IAS officer is an example of steadfastness, determination, Hard work and  Patience.

Junaid’s Overcoming challenges and obstacles with unwavering dedication and an unwavering interest in the welfare of the nation arose and his inspiring story is a beacon of hope for aspiring UPSC civil servants and emphasizes the importance of determination and commitment to achieving aim. IAS Junaid Ahmad’s continued impact across sectors reflects his unwavering commitment to creating positive change and uplifting communities with his achievement.

FAQ Related to IAS Junaid Ahmad

Is Junaid Ahmad married?

Yes, IAS Junaid Ahmad is married to Dr. Nadia Nazim. The couple tied the knot on 15th February 2024 at Lemon Tree Premier, Corbett, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand.

What is the rank of Junaid Ahmad in the IAS?

Junaid Ahmad secured the 3rd rank in the UPSC Civil Services Examination in 2018. This was his last attempt. Before that he got the Indian Revenue Services

In which attempt did Junaid Ahmad clear the IAS exam?

Junaid Ahmad IAS cleared the UPSC exam on his fifth attempt.

Where is IAS Junaid Ahmad posted now?

As of the latest update, Junaid Ahmad is posted in Uttar Pradesh. His specific assignment may vary as IAS postings often change.

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