Ruhani UPSC Topper AIR- 5 (2023) Biography, Age, Religion, & Optional Subject

Ruhani UPSC Topper Biography

Ruhani is an true inspiration to all the UPSC aspirants and for all the women’s. She achieved the All India 5 ( Fifth) rank in the UPSC CSE 2023. Her journey from an ambitious student to attaining AIR 5 is something to celebrate and her  success as a UPSC topper has touched the hearts of many aspiring  UPSC civil servants across the country. They are eager to learn from her journey to reach success.

In this article , we will discuss through Ruhani’s amazing UPSC journey with all the details of how she made it to the top of the UPSC through hard work, dedication and self study.

Ruhani UPSC Topper Rank-5 Bio/ Wiki
AIR Rank in UPSC CSE 20235 ( Fifth)
Roll Number6312407
SchoolingPrivate School , Gurugram
GraduationSt. Stephen’s College ( University of Delhi)
Work Experience* 3 year as Assistant Director at NITI Ayog (Indian Economic Service Officer 2020-2023)
* IPS Officer (2023-2024)
* IAS (2024-Onward)
Optional SubjectEconomics
Attempts in UPSC CSE6
Age28 ( Born in  1996)
FatherSuresh Seth, Teacher
MotherNeelam Rani, Teacher
BrotherBrother,  Research Engineer

Ruhani UPSC Topper Age

Ruhani was born in 1996 at Gurugram, Haryana and currently she is 28 Years old. Ruhani had a lifelong goal of becoming an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Officer and she has achieved her goal with dedication and practice.

IAS Ruhani Educational Qualification

Ruhani UPSC completed her Bachelors in Economics (B.A) from St. Stephens College, Delhi in 2017 and  her postgraduate studies in Economics from the IGNOU in 2019 and she also worked as an IES Officer from 2020-2023. Ruhani served at the Bangalore (NITI Ayog) for 3 years. She passed the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) with flying colors and achieved the rank of an IPS officer and academic and professional achievements reflect her commitment and commitment to public service.

B. A. (Bachelors in Economics)St. Stephens College, Delhi
M. A. in EconomicsIGNOU

Work Experience

Ruhani joined NITI Ayog as an IES officer in Aug 2020 and she was there till Oct 2023 after that she joined the IPS as a trainee. Currently she was at SVPNPA (Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy) for IPS training.

Ruhani UPSC Preparation and Success

Ruhani UPSC journey filled with brilliance as she pursued her dream of becoming a UPSC civil servant and with dedicating three years to the Indian Economic Service ( IES), her heart yearned for the UPSC Civil Services ( IAS ) With 4 continuous disappointments, she persevered. Last year as a Indian Police Services ( IPS) but yet her goal of becoming an IAS officer persisted. Then in her six attempts in the UPSC CSE she has achieved All India Rank- 5 in UPSC Civil Services 2023 , Ruhani’s Studied in medium of English, and her optional subject was Economics in her UPSC CSE 2023. 

Rank in UPSC

Ruhani has achieved All India Rank 5 in UPSC (CSE) 2023 ,Born in Haryana. Ruhani is presently an joined as a IPS Trainee after clearing last year’s IAS exam in 2022.

Ruhani UPSC Attempts 

Ruhani aims to become an IAS officer after so much hard work and failures she was to join the IAS and become an IAS officer and she was so determined that she repeated the UPSC examination 6 times. It was her 6th Attempt in UPSC Civil services.

Ruhani’s Optional Subject for UPSC

Ruhani has opted Economics as an optional subject for UPSC Civil Services 2023, because she had a strong foundation on Economics. She has completed her graduation in economics from St Stephens college, Delhi, and her Masters in economics from the IGNOU , New Delhi so she has a deep understanding in the opted subject.

Ruhani UPSC Marksheet

Ruhani’s scored total marks is 1049 in UPSC Civil services exam 2023. The marks is given below in table form;

Ruhani’s Marksheet UPSC 2023
Written Total Marks856
Interview/ Personality Test Marks193
Final Marks Obtained1049

Preparation tips for UPSC Aspirants by Ruhani

The following tips should be consider  for UPSC preparation tips to all the aspirants:

  • Study consistency with Your Preparation: Set your daily regular study hours to keep studying momentum and plan your day accordingly.
  • Stay up to date with current affairs and revise daily : Stay updated for dynamic exam preparation and revise the daily.
  • Strategic planning for UPSC : Concentrate on understanding concepts and basics  instead of learning.
  • Practice Mock tests : Improve your time management and assess your readiness with practice of Mock tests.
  • Revision : Regularly revise your own notes on important topics for retention for UPSC.
  • Healthy lifestyle: Always have a balanced diet and exercise regularly, and get enough sleep for better mental performance and learning booster.
  • Stay motivated: Be positive and set realistic goals and  ask for help when needed from your friends, tutors or anyone.

Personal Life and Family Background of Ruhani UPSC Topper

Ruhani Ruhani belongs to an educationally oriented family and her Both parents are teachers at a very reputed school/ college . Both her parents are passionate about education and Her Sibling brother is also a Research Engineer which shows the family’s commitment to knowledge & innovation. 

She has achieved the AIR  5 with her hard work and dedication in UPSC CSE 2023. Apart from her academic achievements, Ruhani also cherishes her personal life and finds a balance between her professional and personal life and she has grown up in a caring and supportive environment which has helped her to excel in all aspects of life.

Ruhani UPSC Topper Religion

There is confusion related to Ruhani UPSC toppers’ religion due to her name, which sounds Muslim. But She is a Hindu by birth, belongs to Gurugram, Haryana. Here father’s name is Suresh Seth, confirms her Hindu identity. It’s a reminder not to judge solely based on name.


Ruhani UPSC topper Story is filled with hard work, dedication, and perseverance like other UPSC Toppers. She has achieved her aim by securing All India Rank 5 in UPSC Civil Services 2023 and an academic excellence that was nurtured by a family that was steeped in education and she has made it to the top of the UPSC topper list in 2023. In addition to her academic success, she also enjoys a balanced personal life with hobbies and relationships and she inspires others to follow their dreams with hard work and a supportive environment. Her story is not only about individual success, but also about the impact of hard work and to all the ladies out there to not lose hope.

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