Prachi Nigam UP Topper- Marksheet, Percentage, Mustache, Troll

Who is Prachi Nigam?

Prachi Nigam is a hardworking and bright student from Uttar Pradesh, who recently emerged as the Class 10 topper in the UP Board with scoring an impressive 98.5% in the exam. Despite her outstanding academic achievements, Prachi has been at the center of negative attention and online trolling for her appearance, especially her facial hair, and because the prejudice doesn’t make her happy , he keeps his dreams of becoming an engineer hidden and focuses on his ambitions and her experience highlights the challenges of social scrutiny that often accompany public acceptance, but it also highlights her resilience and determination to achieve her goals.

UP Board Topper Prachi Nigam Personal Details
NamePrachi Nigam
Age15 ( As of 2024)
Father NameChandra Prakash Nigam ( Contractor)
Mother NameMamata Nigam ( Homemaker)
Topper ExamHigh School UP Board Topper 2024
SchoolSita Bal Vidya Mandir Inter College, Sitapur,
BoardUttar Pradesh Board
Marks in UP Board- 10th591/600
Percentage Obtained in UP Board- 10th98.5%

Prachi Nigam UP Topper

Prachi Nigam of Sitapur district topped the state in the Class 10 examination, scoring an impressive 98.50 per cent, which means she scored 591 out of 600 marks.

Prachi, a student of Sita Bal Vidya Mandir Inter College, Sitapur, expressed her happiness and surprise to be the board topper. “I never thought I would be a board topper in high school. I prepared well, but the No. 1 position was not in my mind. I am proud that my hard work has paid off,” she said.

Family Background of Prachi Nigam UP topper

Prachi’s father, Chandra Prakash Nigam, works as a contractor, a job that requires flexibility and hard work—qualities Prachi seems to have inherited. Her mother Mamata Nigam is a homemaker who is dedicated to running the house and ensuring a conducive environment for children’s learning. Prachi’s family life revolves around her parents’ close-knit structure that provides her and her siblings with a strong and encouraging backdrop.

Prachi has a brother and a sister, both in Class 10. Prachi enjoys spending quality time with her family, especially playing badminton with her brothers. Such activities not only strengthen their relationship but also provide a necessary break from the rigors of academic work.

Prachi Nigam Marksheet of High School

Prachi Nigam Marksheet shows that she has scored 591 out of 600 in Class 10th in UP board. She got 100 out of 100 in 3 subjects and 97 out of 100 in remaining 3 subjects. Below is the Official Marksheet of Richa Nigam UP class 10th topper.

Prachi Nigam Marksheet
Prachi Nigam Marksheet

UP Board Toppers list of High School 2024

UP Board High School Rank Wise Topper name with Score
RankNameScore (out of 600)
1Prachi Nigam591
2Deepika Sonkar590
3Navya Singh588
4Swati Singh588
5Dipanshi Singh Sengar588
6Arpit Tiwari588
9Raj Singh587
10Deepika Devi587

Prachi Nigam UP Topper, faced trolling for her Mustache

Prachi Nigam, the top scorer in the UP Board Class 10 examination, encountered online trolling due to her facial hair. Despite this, she remained unfazed, focusing on her academic achievements. Prachi’s resilience and determination to succeed despite adversity serve as an inspiration to many. Her story highlights the importance of prioritizing personal goals over external judgments. Prachi’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance in the face of challenges.

Prachi Nigam’s Reaction on her Trolling

Prachi Nigam herself prioritized her academic achievements and personal goals over the negative comments on social media spreading day by day and she made about her physical appearance, faced the challenge of facing online trolling with a strong and strong mind and her responses and support demonstrate resilience and the ability of communities to overcome prejudice.

First response to trolling

When Prachi first saw the trolling comments, she was feeling disappointed and full of demotivation and her main concern was his academic performance, not what others thought of his physical appearance. 

Prachi said bluntly: “When I realized people were trolling me, it didn’t bother me much. My marks matter, not my facial hair.” and her response shows her maturity and focus, where she emphasizes the value of her academic achievement over superficial decisions which shows her maturity.

Bombay Shaving Company

The Bombay Shaving Company, which manufactures female hair removal, took out a newspaper advertisement to discreetly promote their product — razors for women. The ad was addressing Prachi saying, “Dear Prachi, they are trolling your hair today, they’ll applaud your A.I.R. tomorrow.”

Bombay Shaving Company ad related to Prachi Nigam
Bombay Shaving Company ad related to Prachi Nigam

Prachi Nigam UP Topper Thanks Everyone for their support

Prachi Nigam UP Topper faced the trolls alone and got a lot of support from different parts of the social media industry and she expressed her appreciation for this unity and praised those who stood by her through her tough times. “When my picture was shared on social media as a UP board exam topper, some people trolled me. At the same time, there were people who supported me and I want to thank all of them,” she said and her acknowledgment highlights her awareness of positive reinforcement and encouragement from well-wishers, which helped balance the negativity.

Brave stance against trolls:

In her strong reaction to the ongoing trolling, she made it clear that she would not be affected by such behaviour. “Those who feel weird because of my facial hair can keep trolling, it doesn’t make any difference,” she said and she showed her indifference to the trolls’ attempts to damage her self-esteem or distract her from her aim.

Historical background on the emphasis on resilience:

Prachi Nigam UP Topper also drew a parallel between herself and Chanakya, the historical figure, noting that she too was criticized for her appearance but was not affected. “Chanakya is also trolled for his appearance and physical appearance , but he didn’t bother her either,” she noted and this comparison not only reinforces her argument about the irrelevance of appearance in one’s assessment, but also demonstrates her ability to place her experience in a broader historical and cultural context.

Social Response

The large Internet community played a key role in shaping the narrative about Prachi’s experience and with her trolling intensified, many users rallied to her support, offering words of encouragement and expressing their admiration for her academic success and this collective response against negativity not only provided orientalist moral support but also highlighted the role of society in protecting unjustly targeted individuals and they are lifted up.

Reaction of Family and Principle on her Trolling 

Prachi Nigam scored 98.50% in the UP Board Class 10 examination and she has faced unexpected online trolling on her facial hair, which became a talking point along with her academic success and her family was initially concerned about the negative attention, they chose not to draw attention to it anymore. 

Mr. Chandra Prakash Nigam, Prachi’s father who believed in emphasized the importance of ignoring the trolls and focusing on the pride that achievement makes them feel.

Prachi Nigam’s mother Mrs Mamata Nigam said they considered seeking medical advice on her facial hair but were preempted by the test results and subsequent negative reviews online and as a response to her condition, government-sponsored treatment is now scheduled.

Despite the challenges, help came from various sources and many of the social media users started defending Prachi, shifting the spotlight back to her achievements. Even her principal and friends rallied around her, condemning the trolling and expressing pride in her accomplishment. The principal highlighted how Prachi  UP Topper looked forward to her performance and the school celebrated her, which reinforced the pride felt across Uttar Pradesh for her academic excellence.

In the midst of this, her mother played a pivotal role in motivating her, helping her focus on her dreams and academic goals instead of negative comments and with collective support has helped her to navigate the challenges presented by his sudden visibility of her ambition to be an engineer someday.

At the end

Prachi Nigam, who emerged as the top scorer with an impressive 591 out of 600 marks in the 2024 UP Board Class 10 examination, is an example of dedication and focus. Despite the disproportionate attention paid to her appearance, Prachi’s answer showcased her maturity and intellect, emphasizing the unimportance of physical appearance and her accomplishments and achievements  and her desire to be an engineer and her dedication to her studies is truly inspiring. Prachi’s story is a powerful reminder of resilience, hard work and the importance of family and community support to achieve educational success.

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