10 Skills to Learn this Summer Vacation 2024

Spiritual Exploration

Dive into spiritual teachings and practices to find inner peace and harmony in life.

Body Awareness

Understand your body better through learning about anatomy, nutrition, and wellness practices.

Master yoga asanas to cultivate calmness, flexibility, and balance in mind and body.

Master yoga asanas

Explore the rich history of cultures around you, from traditions to festivals and rituals.

Cultural Exploration

Learn a new Indian language to expand your communication abilities and discover diverse cultures.

Learn New Language

Visit archaeological sites and delve into India's rich history to uncover ancient mysteries.

Historical Insights

Gain insights into the Earth's geography by visiting geographical institutes and understanding how our world works.

Geographic Understanding

Explore the wonders of nature by visiting forests and national parks to learn about wildlife conservation and biodiversity.

Wildlife Connection

Get Basic knowledge of machine learning or natural language processing to unlock the potential of advanced technology.

Futuristic Skills

Enhance your daily life with practical skills like cooking, painting, or carpentry for a fulfilling summer experience.

Everyday Skills